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Groomsman again this last weekend, this time for Matt (congrats, you lucky fiji-bound bastard) and it was much fun and a blissfully short ceremony. While being in the wedding party wasn't a new experience anymore, "crashing" a wedding to which I was invited was.

The wedding went nice and smooth. The reception started with some toasts and general mingling for all of the typically church going segment of the crowd. It was a nice casual affair. Thankfully then the DJ desided to spin some dance music and the room because ours. There we all are, 30 tight knit lunatics surrounding the freshly minted baldridge family expansion set and they're loving life and we're jumping and waving around like mad. I take a pause during this to look out and the rest of the slightly calmer crowd can do nothing but watch in pseudo-amazement, one womans mouth is actually just hanging open. We got a few of the younglings to leave their parents and come join in - they'll make good rebels later. It's a great affair and Matt and Rebekah get decked out in tropical shirts and cheuferred away in a classic convertable, huge grins on their faces. It was a good day.

And really, nothing says class like smuggled booze and AC/DC, right?


Don't forget Def Leppard (Hysteria). That is the most intoxicated I have ever been at a dry wedding. To be fair, I think at least 20 of the spectator hexed us. I am afraid to cross the threshold of a church for fear that I may burst into flames. Giggling during the ceremony at hte "numbers" speech and the "Fuji"-bound couple probably didn't help.

Good times. They're going to have some interesting pictures.

Yes, it was Def Leppard ("Pour Some Sugar on Me" from Hysteria) that we even got the wedding couple to dance to (though unfortunately the bride wouldn't allow the DJ to play the Humpty Dance... :( Justin and I commented to Miles that it didn't help us (who were sitting directly behind him) keep our composure, as he was literally shaking with mirth during some of the tastier creationist sections of the sermon... All in all fun - congrats Matty!

It's really hard to keep a straight face during the ceremony with Ed nodding off on my right and Miles rubbing his temple in obvious pain to my left. I actually saw Miles begin to open his mouth so he could refute parts of the sermon and then have to stop himself before making a scene :) I dunno - I thought I saw some of the churchgoers actually start singing along to "You Shook Me All Night Long." I think it was Bill's dead-on Angus Young impersonation. . .

At least you were surrounded by our friends. I was the last one from our group and was seated next to a very nice woman who was most likely a friend of Matt's mother. I could see Ed falling asleep, the side of Justyn's face getting redder and redder, and Miles' aforementioned reaction. Added to this was the fact that I'm so freaking short that I couldn't see half of the actual ceremony and thus was only able to watch the "Ed, J, and Miles Show". My chuckles were contained for only part of the ceremony. I convinced the woman to my left that I sometimes get fits of giggles for no apparent reason. I believe most of the reception goers were waiting to see if Bill would actually sprout horns and cloven hooves...I know that's what I was watching for.


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