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My phone started speaking russian at me today.

The phone rang, I picked it up:
Caller: Dobra, nyet, vodka, kremlin. This isn't what they said, but I don't speak russian and I can't even begin to fake russian sounding words.
Me: Um.. I think you have the wrong number..
Caller: Rupels, dostoyevski, glasnost!
Me: .. wrong.. wrong number.. I'm hanging up now

At which point I hang up the phone. I'm not sure they even heard me. I have a little chuckle at the thought that I've just been part of a botched russian mafia ordered killing. Yorgi trying to find out why sven is still alive.

The phone rings again. Oh christ, if they didn't clue in on my not speaking russian they're going to be calling all day. I let it ring until voicemail picks up. They dutifully leave a message that I can't begin to comprehend.

Since martin can fake russian I send it on to him for translation, he says it's just someone's mother calling to see if their brother arrived okay since she hadn't heard from him. This guy's phone number is just one digit different than mine (but still internal to microsoft). Forward it on, happy reuniting all around. At least I hope so, the brother is still unaccounted for as far as I know.

Maybe he faked his own death to flee the country with secret documents. Seems reasonable.


but 'brother' could really mean 'the drug shipment' :) We connected the right person by aproximating the sound of the name she was talking to with MS address book... good thing it was not something like Igor since there is hundreds of them...

I just have to say that I think your fake Russian is excellent.

i just have to say that i nearly snorted guacamole out of my nose when i read this. thanks for the cheer.

aha, more clues emerge. Ms Crocker has tomato plants and eats guacamole. She is clearly a peruvian double agent.

guatemalan, shhhhh!



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