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Bank of america stole my car. I made the last payment on my car loan last month and was kind of curious as to when I might get my title. I called them up and said that I didn't have the load number (they'd changed it on me, didn't tell me the new one, plus I was in my car). No problem, they'll look it up. Tapity-tap. Nope, it appears you don't have a loan with us. In fact you've never had a loan with us. You have a credit card though.

Right. Helpful that. So where has the money that's been dutifully removed from my account every month gone?

Don't know, sorry. Can I help you with anything else today?

I do not proffer a suggestion. So I'm driving a car with no title and no record of anyone having the title. Sweeeet.

Also, it appears Hercule Poiro was arrested in 1917 for no particular reason:

Care of Flickr

I'm not sure which I like more, him or the guy arrested for stealing a hat from the library.


Titles generally take 6 weeks to be processed (they have to be sent to Olympia and back again). If you don't see your title within eight weeks I would give B of A another call (and talk to someone else who could possibly know their banking programs a bit better). I could get into more details, but that would be even more boring...

sounds like the time i called the bankruptcy court, telling them i was having a problem with their electronic case filing system (ECF). it went something like this: "Hi, i'm having a problem with your ECF system." "the WHAT system?" "your internal electronic case filing system?" "i'm sorry honey, i have no idea what you're talking about." "you know, where you file documents through the computer? well, it's not working right. can i talk to the ECF help desk?" [true fact: there IS one] "i'm sorry, i don't know what you're talking about. Call [someone else]." "thanks."

and who steals a hat from the library? was it off someone's head?

ha - oh man, now I hope it was stolen off of someone's head. And it appears Senior Poirot was arrested for pimping. Good show old bean. Kjerk, I wouldn't be so concerned if they said that they didn't have the title, it was that they didn't have any record anywhere of me having a loan with them. Like I'd never done business with them. Yes I'm hoping for someone more competent next time. I find it ironic that I can't spell competent (competant?).

Actually, that was what I left out... Here's an example for you - if you paid off your loan at my place of work, it would drop off the front screen because the balance was at $0 and therefore closed. So if the person was incompetent, they wouldn't know to look elsewhere or even fathom why it wasn't showing up when you claimed it should. Some people are bit scary like that. You know the type - they think hitting Enter or Esc will absolve them or all technological wrong doings. Good luck on the future endeavor.

competent is correct.

HP has quite an amazing mustache, when are you going to grow one like that?

i wanna know who dear abbey is.

Reveal my identity?! That may be fun, but not for some. It would also, of course mean delving into a conversation topic that was closed weeks ago. Hmm

i'm just hoping people aren't thinking you're me. not that that's a bad thing, but they might get confused, like i am.

Well I'm confused, so whoever either of you are (I now realize I'm not really ceratin who's who anymore) one of your missions (confusing me) is accomplished. gah


All I can say is that I am not the Spelling Nazi. I know it was suspected, but these days I just let that stuff go. "If you accidentally drop your keys into a river of molten lava, just let 'em go, 'cause man, they're gone." --Jack Handey Arrgh. "Feelin' Groovy" just came on the overhead sound system at work. I hate that damn song.

if you look in the "offence" section, it appears to say "Fag. (Pimp)" yikes

You know...I hadn't looked at the guy who stole the hat from the library. After seeing his picture, I can only conclude that he was apprehended while trying to tie it to some railroad tracks.

He must have stolen the pimp hat from poor old Poirot's head... I'm prettey sure that betty crocker is my little sis, but now I'm curious who Dear Abbey is (since betty's gone by that at times in her life...)

i am who you think i am. taylor's little sister, wingchick, that drunk girl, the spelling nazi. but i am not Dear Abbey, since they spell it wrong.

My bet is on Moni being DA. Which Moni, you ask? Meh, I'll hedge my bets and say either of them.

Not it. I really don't think that people should take my advice.

Ok, I didnt mean to cause quite so much confusion, and I think I am now ready for a new handle anyway. "Dear Abbey", after an extremely short career is now retired. For the record: I admit, I do tend to get "slightly drunk" after 2 beers in extreme heat, but I was really just trying to do Zack a favor, since he can't drink his own beer. ( he did make a worthy effort, which was endearing) Also, my ex-bf's, ex-roomate's (father), whom we unfortunately had to cross paths with, is not psychotic or a drug dealer, just an alchoholic with an extreme enunciation difficulties. And Zack, I really would have been perfectly happy walking the five minutes home, if you did indeed, end up scoring bigtime with "glasses". Anyway, you and your friends are funny and cool, it's definitely been a good read so far :-D If there is any further confusion, please see "How you doin" entry from a few weeks ago

Head go boom.

Hey Hil! I don't think I can pull off the wicked curley mustache until I go completely bald. Seems like you have to have the shiney head before you can have the handlebars. He'd just look wrong with a pompador


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