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So someone was practicing writing a bot to post spam to comments (thanks for the notice there Betty Crocker) and decided to say hello to this site. I say practicing because it posted a comment about every 30 minutes rather than every few nanoseconds, and had such witty things to say as "your blog is very interestint". Now it may just be me and my pride in my work ethic, but if I'm going to litter the digital world with crap I'm at least going to make sure it's free of glaring typos. Given my writing and it's typo-density I'm fully aware of how hypocritical it is to say that :)

Anyway, 4 bot came back a few times, the first 3 or 4 pimping some sort of viagra website, then news, then viagra again, and then just some random URL. He did have some vaguely poetic things to say though, such:

A heap of wheat, says the Song of Songs
but I've never seen wheat in a pile :)
did you like it?
I will give the little bastard credit for one thing though, the various places the bot came from (be they spoofed or otherwise) were amusing to me. My favorite being the "CHILD GUIDANCE CLINIC" with a close second being "RIVER CITY AUTO RECOVERY" - I wonder if their mechanics all wear blue shirts?

4 Bot author, should you be reading this, MySQL took 0.0147 seconds to delete where poster = '4'.


awesome. i noticed this guy a week or two ago when i was re-reading old posts and there were comments all up in everything... and they obviously made no sense. they were pretty far back, though, so i decided to ignore it until i saw it in recent posts today. i like "a heap of wheat" though. pretty classy.

your blog is very interestint



almost french, matt. interessant.

Yeah, well I speak bad French.

It's almost as bad as his English.

And there's Tiff with the jab. Interessieren

Interesant is actually the correct term in German (come on Moni & Zack...)

Gawd, I don't read the blog for one freakin' day, and I get called out. :) Good job Matt, your love of bastardized German words serves you well. BTW, your blog is sehr interessant.

hmmm... interesujace

Interesauce... is that like a sauce that is unctuous with undertones of spice and coriander and just a hint of whimsy?

Now with 10% more gumption! Sweet Jesus!

Leave this entry alone for two seconds and 13 comments explode. I figured the bot writer had won the battle. . .

spice *and* coriander, matty? i think there's some nutmeg in there somewhere. nuts, at least.

I didn't make the sauce! I blame Martin

Matt - don't mess with Polish mafia or your next vodka shot might be deadly.

Gumption, now there's a word you don't hear every day... And I second Justyn's comment...

Sorry Martin, the only shots I do are of Jack Daniels.

mmm my boyfriend jack.

i just realized why i have "we've got trouble in river city" stuck in my head for three days. ...with a capital T and that rhymes with P and that stands for pool (that stands for pool!)...

I think I played that game once. It was old school Nintendo 8-bit right?

no, it's "Ya Got Trouble" from The Music Man. (also known for 76 Trombones, the Wells Fargo Wagon, Marian the Librarian, and Till There Was You)

Augh. Yes, I know that song all too well.

Ahh yes. For some reason the River City part threw me off.



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