Happy as a pig in

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Dogs love to roll in stinky crap, lord only knows why, and they always seem extrodinarily happy after the fact. They trot up to you, smiling and wagging and making you want to retch. You can see where this is going.

Addie comes up and is smiling and stinky as all hell and she's not only rolled in something but it was something gooey and wet. Muck covering both sides. I take her in and clean her off and she only stinks a little now. She's sitting on the ground licking herself dry and I start to think... when was it she could have rolled in that? There's nothing in the back yard, and I would have noticed when I got home... Yep, that just leaves the graveyard. At some point on our nightly stroll through the land of the undead she went off into the darkness, found some sort of open pit, and rolled in whatever liquidy goodness was down in there.

I'm not sure which I prefer the thought of, some kind of tipped over sanican or an impropperly burried corpse.



We always said she liked to roll in "dead". Go see the Corpse Bride...you'll feel better about the dead rolling.


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