Interactive Lesson # 47

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In this lesson we observe as the zack samples a "special" browny. From trusted sources, zack is informed that the blend is especially "good" and that half a browny would do people nice. Package is presented and zack selects an approximatly "half-browny-size" slice. This turns out to be a full browny size slice.

First hour, not much, think this whole thing is overrated. Music is good though.

Second hour, starting to get a little dry mouth, some slurred speach, things are somewhat amusing. I guess this could do it for someone. I'm hungry. Am I actually hungry or am I imagining being hungry because I've been conditioned to expect munchies. A good engineer takes notes. Leave for food, no Gyros, come back. Music is now slow and depressing.

Leave to find gyros. Purchase gryo, look for nice soft spot on the ground to eat on. Sample Gyro.

Snap awake, half of gyro consumed. Dutifully consume remainder of gyro. Sort of sleepy so decided to shake myself awake. Vision stops blurring and smearing. This really can't be a fun thing to do on a regular basis. Decide to let it burn off at home, go to hail a cab.

Forgoing some tempting bushes, I make it to the men's room and attempt to say hello to a urine covered toilet. Converstaion is brief, no words exchanged.

Time passes. Emerging from Center House it has apparently been raining for a while. Hail cab, return home, sleep through Indian Jones.

Once again consious but with a bad headache, it is unlikely I will get to see tonight's concerts (elvis costello), and am pissed about missing earlier shows.

Drinking has a new buddy for activities I rarely participate in.


Would comment, but don't want to incriminate myself... oh, wait - I think I just did...

it's stories like this that remind me why i don't regret never trying the stuff.

unrelated: who wants a bee sticker? I'm going to order some, and it's pointless to just get one for me.

Me, and a "bad chick" one too. And this should probably be sent in email...

This is fine too, not sure if everyone has my email. Those who do can use it. I'll probably wait a few days to post the order, give people time to see this.

Gotta second Betty's musings :). I'm crazy enough as it is.

who the F is this stupid 4 bot?


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