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Anna was bored and clicking around the web this morning, I asked what for and she said nothing in particular, she was looking for something to search for.

"I hear tell that 'porn' has a few results." Which prompted the question, if you were to do a google search for "porn", how far down on the list would the first non-porn link be? Since having Anna present legitimzed the "research", google.com -> "porn" -> Go.

#4. The fourth link down is non porn. And it's not even about porn - anti porn addiction site or something - it's Vegan Porn. Skinny pale people you think? Nope, it's news and information about the vegan lifestyle that just apparently makes vegans really really happy. Not counting that, #7 was a PBS article on porn and #8 was a resource for those living with someone with a porn or sexual addiction.

#1 was Penis Bot's Porn Links though, and I imagine if you were to search more specifically for "albino midget porn" the density-o-porn would be somewhat higher. I chose not to go further along that line of research.

I'll write about bumbershoot and the 50 year old, leather cock flap clad, beer gut flaunting, hideously gyrating ex rock stars later. Yes that's all one person. Mike knows.


Yes, I do.

Ahh, you haven't been informed of the new definition of porn, I see. Anything that people get pleasure from doing. Google "food porn" for example. I know a livejournal community called food_porn or foodporn or something that just has gratuitous pictures of some really fuckin' good lookin' desserts & entrees & stuff.

oddly enough a google search for "albino midget porn" brought up your site as #8.... Has anyone ever seen albino midget porn? i'm curious does it exist?

There simply isn't any albino porn... at all...And I thought the Internet had everything...


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