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Living within close proximity to a ready supply of hookers leads to some interesting sights. Tonight on my drive home I saw a woman either on her way to or just having left your first trick. It's this woman, kind of heavy set, in tight jeans and a pink shirt she obviously wasn't used to wearing. Slowling walking away from the shitty cheap hotel near the cemetary (other side) and she's crying. Sipping from a cup of water and crying as she walks along the side of the highway.

I really didn't know what to think. I wanted to stop and throw money at her and say, "don't do it, go home and come up with a better way", but I didn't. I drove on and went home. I feel bad for not offering that out but I also don't how much more it would have damaged her to see a car swerve to the side of the road and wait for her to approach.

It was a fucked up drive home.


um... maybe she wasn't actually a hooker? i'm just trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. i personally can't imagine a situation where i would be walking down aurora, alone, in an ill fitting pink shirt, drinking a cup of water, crying. but there must have been some reason behind it. you *do* live by the cemetery... maybe she was going to (/coming from) a loved one's newly dug grave. and since said deceased left her destitute, she can only afford off-sized shirts from value village. just an idea.

And perhaps she stays at the cheap motel in order to live near the grave...and the person she loved died from being crushed by a truck of filtered water...which is why drinking a paper cup of water makes her cry. Yes. I do keep most of the comments to myself...but occasionally a few get out.

Well I think she's crying about the violence inherent in the system...

Water...the silent killer.


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