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I was supposed to fly to Idaho this weekend for a wedding but forces conspired against me. Still, it gave me a good 5 hours in the airport to watch and think. 6-11 on a friday night at Seatac yields me:
  • We have wall mounted defibrualtors too, just not as frequently placed as chicago.
  • Just because a cute looking girl is reading harry potter does not mean she is nice. "Excuse me, is that the british version you're reading?", "fuck off". Okay then.
  • I hate flying, a well established fact, but somehow being in the airport is very calming. I sit and read and things go on around me but it's very tranquil. An odd feeling.
  • "Minor technical difficulties, no more than a few minutes to repair" is never true.
  • I saw a family rush to the gate shouting "hold the plane" ala every movie ever made. It was funny because it was our plane and we clearly weren't going anywhere soon.
  • The T-Shirt I have from Threadless where the squirrel is holding up another squirrel makes the TSA security guards laugh. All of them. More than seems natural.
Why do Dick's fries and a chocolate shake taste so good at midnight?


Hah I have the same shirt.

Dude, are you kidding? Everyone in Seattle knows that nothing compares to a Dick's burger, fries and shake after a few drinks... or more. Grease man, all grease. I agree with the airport.. very calming.


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