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Saw Elizabethtown with moni last night. Good flick, and I freely admit to enjoying romantic comedies. This is a man who owns a copy of "Love Actually". I swear both testicles are intact.


So one of my problems with movies and their corresponding soundtracks is that they never contain all of the songs that I loved from a show, or as Miles put it, they sometimes contain music "inspired by" the movie. It wasn't long ago though that I discovered the secret codes to unlock this information on the internet. The musical score for a movie. That's the music they use in said movie. Sweet. Bonus. Jerky Bits. Unfortunately trying to find the score for the movie last night revealed a flaw in that plan.

If a show is densly packed with both instrumental background music and "normal" music in the foreground then the score released will be all of the symphonic stuff and the soundtrack will of course be the hamstrung list of whatever small portion RCA records chooses to release. So as we speak Gort - the obsidian cube that is my computer - is obtaining a short clip of the movie that contains just the ending credits. A few small, trivial really, portions of the remainder of the movie may be attached.

I think I'm going slightly insane. That or I've been reading too much Penny Arcade and am subconsiously starting to emulate the writing style. Probably the insanity though.


Hey man, i made a duff costume, and i tried to email you my story about it, but me email client isnt recognizing your address. so if there was another email i could send it to then that would be great James

Hmmm...insanity, Penny Arcade, or a severe latency on those brownies; you decide. Tonight I work with pirates. Yeargh!

Sweet Jesus! I hadn't looked at the gallery in a while. Dear God! The Hello Kitty horror! Get that man therapy, stat!

I'd win a game of Roeshambo... If I went first... Insane? We knew that. Reading Penny Arcade is the definition of insanity, right? ;)


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