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The American citizenry's slide back to the stoneage is nearly complete. Driving along 99 today I saw, and I really wish I were making this up, a store called Things that Blink.

Now granted it was a small store, more like a kiosk, but it was just for blinking things. "Why sell cell phone covers and blinking antennas when you can just sell antennas?" I imagine the proprietor asking in some hideous rhetorical fashion. "And why stop at antennas when there's the wide world of novelty blinking buttons and badges!".

We're not completely gone, but once Shiney Things N' Fire opens up I'm moving to australia.

In what I now realize is an ironically related note, the xbox 360 launched today. Party was fun, I got a fee kit and some games. I spend most of my time playing a lemonade stand simulator. A Space lemonade stand simulator.


Does that store sell eyes? Personally, as a kid, I always wanted a Box-o-Sharp-Things. Never got one. curse you, Santa.

Oh, Zack, you know you would be the first in line at the grand opening of a store called Shiney Things N' Fire... ;)


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