The Bears

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Camping always involves the lamentations of gummie bears. Stretched, melted and charred in compromising poses. Gatherd around simmering strips of bacon atop charred logs, their plight is our amusement. It appears the bears have found this to be unacceptable, the gummies have begun to organize:

Secret Meeting

Others have grown more Desperate. Okay I just really like zapxpxau's stuff. She does good work. The fact that they lend credence to my gummie paranoia just makes for fun writing.


ok yeah that's pretty awesome. i just saw the pics under "camping" - that must have been years ago, everyone looks so damned young. are those new or am i just unobservant? you should get some more recent pics up. come on.

Young? We look young? ... crap.

Those are old pictures - Zack's just too lazy to have uploaded anything he's taken in the past three years... Not like he even had to do any work, I know he just has a script to process them for him... ;)

Um... what's up with suicidal gummy bears? Do they have a plan? Do you have a plan?


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