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In a classic moment of well thought out, practical, fiscally responsible purchasing I am now the proud (if somewhat gut wrenched) owner of a Nikon D70s digital SLR. It's swanky, lots of buttons. Naturally the first test subject is Addie:

Sleepy (757k)

Of course for this one good shot there were a half dozen bad ones, so going digital didn't magically increase my good to crap ratio but hey. Aimee instantly made this her desktop so I figured I should share.



you can count me into the addie-as-desktop club. cuute!

oh and it also makes that couch look really nice... now that's a good camera!

Are you implying that a couch that always smells vaguely of 3 generations of dog and with holes gouged into it by little paws doesn't look nice?

Cute subject, but your focus is soft. Key practicing.


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