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Lots to cover, let's get started.

Monica and I went to the Xbox360 launch party and had a good old time. The henna tattoo artist thankfully refused to put one on my face - and since it's still quite visible on the back of my hand I'm rather glad I didn't get the celtic war paint. The Presidents of the United States of America kicked total ass and I will be buying their new album. I also got to experience slam dancing/moshing with the VP of this little division, which was amusing for the first 30 seconds until about the third elbow to the kidneys. Monica got to thwart ever more blatent advances from drunken programmers - you go girl.

The henna and the bleached hair made for some fun shopping times in the U Village the next day. Hungry, I sidle into Johnny Rockets and sit at the only available stool at the bar between two college guys and a mom with her son. The College guy to my right glances over, sees my hair and does a triple take. That third look is a nice long frightened look. I kind of smirk and put my hands up on the counter waiting to order. The mom to my right glances down at the badass tattoo on my hand (note: a lizard, and not a real tattoo) and leans away from me sort of protecting her little kid. I'm the real slim shady.

I also tried to buy a house. Cool little 3 bedroom in the U district that was listed for 330 and got outbid by about seventy thousand dollars. Now this was a nice house, I placed a bid on it after all, but it was also 1 house away from an auto repair shop and a block and a half from Dante's tavern (which is actually kind of a selling point). But four hundred grand? come on!

Finally, I dreamt. It was a good dream too and it was just, *just* lucid enough that I managed to make my mind finish the story before waking up. Which is good, because when you're in the middle of a mutli decade long story arc involving magical were-cats and a tree with six mechanical birds swarming around it that was smuggled out of nazi germany after being used to convey secret messages to hitler, you know you're going to want to see the ending. The ending, just fyi, involved a chase down a winding mountain road in classic sports cars and then a smooth wood rollercoaster powered by saphron robed monks. I didn't say it made a lot of sense, just that it was good.

Should you ever come across the mechanical tree, the secret is to wear a small set of squarish glasses and look for the reverse colored ink on one of the leaves. You want leaf number 93.


Hmmm. If I didn't know that you hated mushrooms, I'd tell you to lay off of 'em for a few weeks.

Wow, sounds like you got the bonus ending. I chose leaf 82 and got the crappy 2 minute recap of the dream with pencil-sketched renderings by the artists which were done long before the dream even got licensing. Did you know that the birds were originally going to be flying lizards? Next time, Gadget. Next time.

Leaf 82, what were you thinking? Leaf 18 is the hidden "bear is driving" ending. It's the same chase scene, but bear is driving. I know, how can that be?

You're fired for quoting Eminiem... And lay off the drugs - did you get into the brownies again? ;) You too, Tiff. Seriously, though - sounds like a wild dream - I have the starts of those, but they are quickly forgotten after waking up... leaf #93, remember leaf #93...

Did everything taste purple just now?

Purple's a fruit!


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