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I missed out on seeing Kah (two of the other cirque de sole shows were on break so everything sold out pretty quickly) and never managed to make it to the stip club of choice with jeff, but it was a good time none the less.

Gambling wise I think I ended up down about 200, but I got some interesting stats out of it:

Five dollar slots: lost $20. Two pulls. Had to try.
Dollar slots: lost $160. Fucking dollar slots.
Quarter slots: won $100. Woohoo, good old two coin red white and blue, how I love thee.
Nickle slots: lost $2. Note: most slots pay out in little slips of paper, nickle slots still pay out in coins. That's a lot of coins.
Penny slots: won $20. "Mr. Cashman" and the starwars slot machine (c'mon deathstar bonus) were bar far the most fun had.
Craps: lost $100. At least it went more slowly. I made a lot of other people a lot of money though. Good karma apparently can be bought.
CASINO STYLE WAR: won $20. who knew this actually existed. If you're ever so screamingly drunk you can't even stand up, casino style war is your game to play. Put money in front of you, they tell if you if you won or lost. Basically poor mans Bacarat.
Lots of other fun, plus some choice quotes from Justyn which will make it into the top banner rotation, but sadly I'm back at work now and the ugly spectre of the monday morning team meeting raises its head.


Woohoo! Banner placement :-)

KA is freakin awesome.

Only in Vegas can you play War for $$.


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