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I wanted to write about an odd little event in the sushi place out at tahoe. The short fat mexican chef (arturo) made excellent sushi and we asked when he was working so we could come back. At this point the rail thin young japanese man sidles by and comments in a thick brooklyn accent, "you've got yourself a fuckin' fan club over here". The problem is, that little annectode loses pretty much everything if you can't *hear* the brooklyn accent. How do you type an accent?

Just writing <brooklyn>yous guys</brooklyn> is unsatisfactory. So I consult monica. We try and determine how to spell "got" with a brooklyn accent.

I think I like the last one best just because it makes W a vowel and thereby redeams the scrabble dictionary entry for CRWTH (a welsh stringed instrument).
youw gwt youwrself a foowkin fAne club ova here


Youse gaught yaselves a fuhkin faan clob ova he-ah.

I believe we settled on gwaught. But perhaps gwaughtchaself is better... I dunno, I don't speak fukkin Brooklyn.

tiff's seems a little more midwest. i like gwaughtchaself. youw gwaughtchaself a foowkin fAne club ova (was it herre or heah)?

gaught-yaselves? Bless you.


Whoa, we had a breakthrough! You get a gold star!


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