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Your homework: please calculate.

Snowboarder A departs ramp R at a 20% angle. The top of the ramp is 5 feet off of the ground. Snowboarder A lands 17 feet from the end of the ramp (5 feet below the lip of the ramp). Given only that, what height did snowboarder A achieve? how long was snowbowarder A airborn and at what velocity did snowboarde A impact the ground?.

For bonus points, what amount of kinetic energy was transfered into snowboarder A's lead knee as it twisted and impacted the frozen slope?

But at least it was at the end of the day, right? good pictures and a whole lot of adrenaline in those last few moments.

My answers: 5.26 feet, 0.5 seconds and 27 miles per hour at a 19 degree angle. And I don't know how 35 joules of energey gets transfered to the knee but I can tell you that it hurts like hell and makes your leg really floppy.


Wow. I passed physics once, and don't really feel the need to revisit the calculations... And watching some of your previous larger crashes, I can imagine it was quite the spectacle of pain... ;)

(Snowboarder A + Ramp R + ungodly velocity + ground)/ (helmet) = ouch I bet your placement on the z axis was fairly unorthodox and quite unpleasant.

I don't think is was his placement on, but rather his moment about the z-axis which was fairly unorthodox, and quite unpleasant to boot... ;)


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