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I now know first hand why american auto makers are "losing the war" with foreign imports, for I am driving the ugliest car known to man: the pontiac grand am. Now there may be some contention about that ugliest car bit, I mentioned this to a coworker and someone shouted down the hall, "but what about the renalt 914?" (or something like that) - and of course there's the amc pacer and the gremlin - but still, the pontiac grand am is right up there with them. The outside isn't bad, but the inside looks like it was modelled after a beatle's intestinal tract (if they have one). bulbous and ugly and hard to navigate. Hideous beige, no controls where they aught to be. It really took some effort to design a car this poorly.

Ahh, but why am I driving the pontiac when Itobor (I decided to name my new mazda 3 "itobor") is sitting there waiting to be driven? Well that would be because the hurricane force winds from superbowl weekend decided to drop a few 3 inch thick branches onto him. I wanted to make it a month until I got my first ding or scratch, instead I get 3 weeks until the hood gets caved in. He's being repaired now.

At least it's so absurd that I just have to laugh at it instead of being upset.


Y'know...judging from your just weren't meant to have a car.

Noooooo! not Itobar! Which beatle were you thinking of? Ringo?

Nah, it's George, Definately George. Itobar?

ItobOr - it was the name of the computer that controlled the hulking "trash can" robots of yore for the UW robotics department. It's "I Robot" with "robot" spelled backwords. As Mikey points out it should have been "Tobori" but I have to go with tradition.

Sorry, my bad. I see the rationale now, but isn't there an inauspicious lack of "w"s in that?



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