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Want to know a good way to make yourself feel dumb? Go talk to the person that has your dream job. Want to work at microsoft research? A PhD isn't required but it's highly desirable. Hmmm, maybe work at xbox incubation (sort of the xbox research division)? people go from MSR to XI. Holy god, okay, hmm.

But it's cool, you don't have to have a PhD to work at XI. Just knowing every algorithm ever designed for anything - maybe a few you devised yourself - and all of their drawbacks, that's enough. And about 7 languages, but, I mean, that's a given right?

Not entirely fruitless though, made good contacts and looked "green" rather than just like a drooling idiot. Time to look into the practical masters of comp sci program.


You know at least 6 languages, right? (I'm assuming computer languages, here...) Did you remember to put the Gensys G2 (or whatever that crap we used on itobor was) down on your list? ;)


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