No Soup for You

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Or rather, no house for me. Outbid yet again on a perfect little house in ravenna. The thing is, it went for about 400 grand in cash! Who the heck has that much just lying about waiting to buy a house?

The leadup to finding out I didn't get the house was probably the most excrusiatingly slow 10 hours I've ever endured. Martin chose to call about every half hour so my phone rang constantly but brought no news (just more people seeking news). When my realitor finally did call I managed to hang up on him while retreiving the phone from my pocket. It wasn't all bad though I suppose. Moni and I plotted where to bury the body of the condiscending photography instructor and I finally got my foot in the door with some of the xbox research division folks.

The only real downside (other than not having a house) is now my financial compas is all out of whack. Don't have an impending mortgage payment? Time to buy a bunch of random crap! Though the list really only includes a corgi and some plane tickets so I guess it's not too far outside of my norm.


yeah, isn't that the worst! i got outbid by $7500 on the perfect little house that *i* wanted. boo. you can buy me plane tickets too, if you're feeling rich. i need to go to Scotland in a bad way. so there's that.

Where are you flying the corgi to? Or are you flying to Welshlandia to get the corgi? Side note: While I can't condone actually burying the photo lecturer whose mere mental image makes me sudder, it is worth noting that we have the same reaction to her voice. A second of dumbfounded silence, then an instinctual lunge to kill whatever wounded animal is making that noise.


Well Zack, you couldn't get the house but you can now properly replace "old smokey". They have finally made "your" computer. Posted it here since you don't read your emails from me.

Oh whatver, I read your emails, I just don't always follow the links


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