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The slight loosening of my grip on reality is one of the more interesting features of being sick; It is, I imagine, the reason people choose to use hallucinogens. Some times it's kind of amusing, this time it doesn't really seem to be so. Now the three hours of rest that I got while having this dream were handy, but a three hour dream consisting entirely of a conversation about paint wasn't all that gripping. Perhaps it's getting "better" though. I glanced over and saw two pinkish, flesh toned plastic easter eggs lying on the ground half obscured by the garbage can. Only for at least a minute or two I couldn't see two easter eggs, instead I saw the head of some massive pink dildo. Given the sexual orientations and genders of all members of this house it was hard to imagine why 1) there would be a dildo - especially of these dimenisions - in the house and 2) why it would be casually stored on the floor next to the garbage can in the computer area.

Another side affect of being sick appears to be sharing too much information with the rest of the world.


Are you sure it was a dream? Was your room a different color when you "woke up"? yeah, TMI...

this is hilarious.

Hmmm...go figure... I made an interesting discovery somewhere around the time the word "dildo" entered the dialogue. Apparently I can indeed read web pages while covering my face with one hand and looking down at my desk. Wait...who the hell in your house eats flesh-colored easter eggs? I'm putting my money on Pat. Well, I was saving some easter candy for you guys...but now I'm not so sure I should.

... in the event of a dildo we always use the indefinite article "A" dildo. Never "Your" dildo...

I think it scares me more that you have a precautionary measure set in place should such an event occur.


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