... antacid?

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Ahh, I love my body, whenever it decides to fix itself it does so immediately and forcefully. I'm trying to fall asleep last night at a little past midnight:

Body: hey, wake up, I'm hungry now.
Me: wha? now? alright alright.
** Get up, eat a bowl of cereal **
Me: Now can I go to sleep?
Body: Ha, dream on emo boy - keep eating.

Six bowls of cereal, a bannana, some strawberries, cheese and crackers later I was finally allowed to fall asleep - though still somewhat hungry. Go team metabolism. I am sort of sick of my cereal now though.


hahahahahahhahaaaaaaaaa... I especially like your use of food as time markers.

My eating cycle's been disrupted too, but for a different reason: I packed my can opener and all I have left in the house is soup. I can't remember which box. Don't feel bad. In four days I'll get to be reminded that my carpet really is the exact same color as the walls.

What, no Eggos?

Holy crap - who needs the ganga when you have a matabolism like that?

Whereas I have learned that stress and insomnia will follow you around the globe.


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