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I'm starting to get the impression that while most people's subconsious is filled with deep dark neurosese, mine is filled with confidence. At least as manifest in dreams.

Naked in public? Eh, no big deal, though I hope I don't get sunburned. The fact that I'm giving a presentation while naked, at least it'll be memorable.

Have to sing kareoke? I love singing. To a song I don't know? Whee.

I do still have nightmares about forgetting to attend a class until the final and desperately needing it to graduate so I guess it's not entirely confident. And the dream that made me think of this anew sort of combined all three.


I'm thinking now that shink is the sound of an unboxed plasma tv fitting into my backseat. Seatbelts save lives.

first, on an unrelated note, why does this say "our comments:"? are we all sharing this one comment box? I NEED ANSWERS PEOPLE! ahem. maybe your strange dreams are related to your midnight binge-eating. just a thought.

are you sure that was a "nightmare" and not real life? "forgetting" to attend a class? come on now, really. And I hear Moni's informal *shink* poll is proving you wrong - I know I wasn't a help to your cause... ;)

How uncouth to comment on an older post, but I wanted to confess that I had a nightmare about not being ready for the Fremont parade the other night. 15 minutes prior to start and I hadn't finished my costume or put on any makeup. How sad my adult life is. Still, better than the it's-finals-and-i-forgot-where-it-is-and-also-my-#2-pencil dream I suppose...


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