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My writing has been officially critiqued. My infrequent putting of pen to parchment has been lauded as "Every Day" and "Pedestrian"! Go me.

The way I see it I have two choices, well three if I count the impracticle one. Impracticle: Quit my job, travel around the world and write many interesting things with great regularity. Undesirable: Start writing about everything. what I had for breakfast today (oatmeal and strawberries) and whether I thought the pediatrician was cute (I do). I could include lots of smilies and bitch about my coworkers. I'm thinking I'm not going to go that route - unless you lot really want to hear about oatmeal. That pretty much leaves option 3, or "Lazy": Continue to write whatever the hell I want and just resign myself to doing it fairly infrequently until interesting things happen.

Interesting things that have happened recently: I bought a house, I drank oil, I saw the ballard locks for the first time, I learned to throw not like a pansy (thanks pat).


i'm not spam. this time. you drank oil? i had a dream about that once. i was really thirsty, so i drank a glass of what turned out to be vegetable oil. it did not quench my thirst. also, you've never been to the ballard locks? weirdo.

So you're saying that vegetable oil coats without quenching? Interesting. We must have a multi-page discussion on this topic so as to be inducted into the anals of slashdot and thus bring the entirety of a-t-k to its proverbial knees. Oh yeah, I've never been to the locks either

Please, no oatmeal - while frequency would be nice, quality is much better... I want to hear more about this oil incident - were you trying to change the motor oil in your car? And Matty, I don't think anyone wants to know about the "anals" of Slashdot - eww...

Ack my bad. Should've been annals

And that typo right there is why I don't have an "edit my post" button.

Oh yes, and due to popular (2 people) demand, here's the quote: Arr, the Kraken | Personal site | Zack Birkenbuel's been doing this for a few years and has a lengthy archives to ponder through | His travel log to Australia is enlightening | While on the surface the site seems pretty everyday, I find myself intrigued at a project he's pursuing. Perhaps I focused too heavily on the "pretty everyday" aspect. But it makes for more entertaining writing so who cares.

You're just a misunderstood genius. If one looks closely, there is a current of deep meaning in your so-called pedestrian observations. Bring on the oatmeal. And, uhhh, sorry about the Weird Al sing-a-thon last night. Won't happen again.

CRAP!!! I missed the Weird Al sing-a-thon?!? Damn-O-Rama

**Zach** I attempted to email you at but that didn't work. The email follows: Where did you get those nose bookends? I am med student going into ENT and want those nose bookends. I found your site after I Googled "Nose bookends" because one of my advisers has them (the exact ones you have) but doesn't remember where he got them. Thanks! Justin (email at

*blink* *blink*

You may be pedestrian, Zack, but I am quotable. Googled my name to find this site: And there, lodged somewhere between Clive Barker and Semisonic, is the following quote, ripped obscenely out of context from an early part of my Korea journal: "In life, however, we are not allowed the choice to edit our past, and it hardly seems noble to do that here, either." –Patrick Dubuque Deep and pretentious.

three things: !)yay, new margin pictures! @)nose bookends? #)OATMEAL! BTW, I'm still pissed about Lost. As my sweet revenge, I go to NY without you in 3 hours.


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