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I've been assaulted twice recently by two overwhelming ironic situations. At least I think it's irony - I've always had trouble with my metal-ies.

Situation 1, hereafter referred to as the sublte one. Man standing outside a store in a tight fitting grey Kenith Cole shirt. The height of style, the man is overweight (an inch of visible gut) and the shirt has grease stains on it. Perhaps not ironic, maybe I'm just an elitist asshole.

Situation 2, driving home today I'm behind a Hummer H3. Big black box of testosterone extension. The liscense plate? "SZMTRS". Size matters. Wow, just wow. Sadly I did not get to see who the driver was.


I'd like to point out the fact that you know it was a Kenneth Cole shirt. And I _really_ hope it was a small asian girl driving the H3 ;)

The "Kenneth Cole" printed on the front did tend to help that effort :)

Damn Twig, stop stealing my quips :P. I do like that the H3 is supposed to be the smallest in the hummer series.


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