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Karmic payback is a bitch. I ended my last serious relationship a while ago because while I loved many things about her, I knew there was something that wasn't going to work long term and I felt it was better to go through the pain now and let us both move forward. Well you can all probably guess where this is going. I got to be on the receiving end this time, and while it was a much shorter gig (only a month) it still pretty well sucks.

The thing is, I can't really fault her. And I had the sneaking suspision that my love of the 80's and crappy movies and her.. well not.. were indicators of deeper incompatibilites. But any way, the long and short of it is that I am recently single again. Like hours recently, but whatever.

I did learn something good though. I'd noticed a while ago that I think I may have been guarding myself somewhat in relationships, can't get too hurt if you're not too attached kind of thing, and I'd made a resolve to change that. Well I did here, and I had a lot of fun, and it really really sucked when it ended, but it also sucked in that particularly paradoxical way that makes you feel kind of good because you've got strong emotions running through you. Makes you feel alive and all that jazz.

A little confused, yes. Sad, definately. But life rolls on. Monica - incredible friend that she is - has already begun forwarding me new prospects. If nothing else, I know that moni's got my back :)



Wait...you were dating? Crap, I need to talk to my friends more.

I hear you there, man.

Here is a Polish verson of 'match.com' for you :p http://sympatia.onet.pl/0,1,1,5,wyszukaj.html?p=k&main_wiek=2&zdjecie=T


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