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When I get buyers remorse I tend to feel it in my stomach. When I bought my four figure digital camera my stomach churned for about a half hour. Well it's finally hit home that I just spent about 200 times that amount on a house, so I don't have much of an appetite right now. My mind is busy trying to compensate, whispering "you could always just sell it and rent again". Yeah, thanks mind, real helpful there.

Of course in actuality I've owned the house for almost a month now, it's just that having finally moved in here it feels a little more "purchased". Don't ask me why, it's just the way it is.

Buyers remose isn't the only thing that feeds the old rumbly tummy. Stress - oh, did I mention I was offered a promotion, but no pressure to accept it if I don't want to go the management route. Sadness - yeah, I'm not taking my recent breakup as jovially as initially let on, and the only remedy (taking a break from the scene) isn't something you can speed along. Anxiety - Did the water look that color when I inspected the house? Etc, etc.

It's all mostly managable now - though I haven't exactly eaten a lot lately - but man, one more thing (addie missing, car stolen, whatever) and I'd have to have Dr. Jeni fedex me some IVs.


Never, ever, ever, ever mention the possibility of Addie going missing ever again. I read the entry too fast and my heart leapt into my throat.

I recently had the gut wrenching experience of having dogs running away from the back yard. Another persons dogs (labs of course) who we were watching while the owner is on vaction (so the phone number on the tags is no help in this case). Scott wakes me up after a night shift with "Jeni, I need your help..." Charlie and Cletus run three blocks away to play in traffic. Cali runs away to the front porch. Just like her buddy Addie would do. Good Girls.

Aww Jeni, you left out my favorite part, that they were chasing ducks that just happend to be walking (waddling?) down your street.

As to the house - here's my rationalization: It's not "debt", but an "investment"... And as to "taking a break from the scene" - it's something some of us do all too often - while I do believe it's good for you, it certainly does suck.

man, fuck the scene.

Ahh betty, how I do love your advice (and curry)

Cletus? They named the dog Cletus? And the dog only ran away now?

Cletus is a good ol'boy


that's what i'm here for, advice. and currry.


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