Evolution of Destruction

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I got to rebuild the mailboxes outside of my house today - just 5 little steel tube ones - since they got dented while the dumpster was dropped off at my house for the pending yard work. That's not particularly interesting - even to me - but what I did find fun was how that little story evolved each time I told it/wrote it. First it was basically that. Then the mailboxes were "crunched". Then they were bent "with their ends sheered off". Then "crushed". Finally "the dumpster destroyed the mailboxes". They're still all pretty much fine and generally mailbox shape, but I do loves me some hyperbole.

I figure a few days from now I won't just have rebuilt the mailboxes (buying some new ones and hammering them in place) I will have forged them from raw iron I smelted myself from ore mined in my own back yard. The black paint will actually be a subtle purple due to the native india ink I used when concocting my own paint material. And the flags? well they're just little bits of red plastic. I mean, come one, it's just a mailbox.


Wow...the dumptster should have leveled up from killing those things.* *Butchered Pat homage

And yet, your fishing stories are scarily true... and I know by hauling 90lbs of salmon in & out of a freezer...

something about having "built the Eiffel Tower myself out of STEEL and BRAWN, because i am a MAN" comes to mind.

hey quit doing the same things at the same time as me. i only took a few extra minutes to post because i was taking cookies out of the oven (true story). speaking of your freezer, i hear the stick's still there. make ed take it.

That's right, make Ed take his wood.

Changing the subject here, but does this remind anyone of Justyn? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMH0bHeiRNg&search=evolution%20of%20dance

You mean the chicken dance part? Totally.

And Ed needs to give his wood...not just take it.

Why Matt, I'm flattered. Given enough Pixie Sticks, that pretty much is what my dancing looks like. . .


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