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"Celebrate the independance of your country by blowing up a small portion of it". I love that quote from the simpsons. As per usual, another great Taylor 4th party, the final year for this particular BBQ of mine. Bernuli, burner and heat shield all failed and it will cost more to repair than just get a new one. Still, it afforded some fun in fashioning a new one, particularly discovering the relatively low melting point of aluminum and just how far away from a visible flame hair will singe:
One too many grill lighting attempts
More pictures in the flickr set. My first practical use of the knowledge gained from the photography class - namely how to compensate for high contrast and camera shake when trying to shoot fireworks. Still kind of blurry since my knee doesn't make an ideal tripod apparently.


Hey everyone... recognize the house? http://www.redfin.com/stingray/do/printable-listing?listing-id=206546 Now would you pay $430K for "Wu construction"...


ahh the memories

two words: "bonus roon"

Funny...I didn't see "squishy bathroom" or "carpet that growns mushrooms" as a selling point. Wu!

Hey, the wet bar got a mention!

Yeah, I didn't see mention of the dryer venting into the wall space.

It's only wet if everyone's drunk and Matt spills "blue" on the counter... ;)

Better that than when he passed out on the pool table.

Ahh yes, the blue phase that lasted one evening. Good to know that the legend continues.


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