Ferocious Guard Dog 1, Moron Solicitors 0

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Two solicitors approached my house while I was busily playing on my xbox - I know this because addie stood up on the front porch and started to growl. My sweet little dog has a pretty damn deep voice and she threw in a couple of little half barks. Now these two solicitors are standing on the opposite side of a chain link fense and still a good 15 feet away, but close enough to notice that this growling, currently unhappy dog is black and tan (rottweiler) and obviously made of a fair bit of muscle. They debate what to do. Do they call out to get the attention of the home owner (who has left the front door open and is currently watching this exchange through the blinds)? Say hello to the dog and try to make friends? Perhaps they just cut their losses and move on to the next house? Nope, the one convinces the other to just open the gate and go in the yard. They crack the gate, Addie takes a step to warn them that perahps this was not the best course of action, they close the gate and run - literally run - the hell away. Addie trots back into the house wagging her tail and smiling.

Best "no solicitors" sign ever.


go addie! i hope she got a treat.

That's funny. Whenever I see Addie, she's always so happy to see people (or sleeping) that I just don't mentally associate her with being the growly type. Right on though.

ahahahahahahahaha... run assholes, run!


I'm with Matt - the only time I've ever seen her growl at someone was back at the 3040 house, when Mock (don't know how to spell his name) showed up at the front door, all in black, framed against a black night sky...

Mok. I can't believe you remember him! She also freaked out when my friend Matt stopped by. Matt is roughly the size of three normal men, so I can understand her concern. The fact that he's a giant teddy bear makes it all the better. I recall a softball game at which I saw Addie for the first time in ages. She ran up and knocked me over while licking me to death ala Dino Flintstone. Down, Killer.

hah that's a hilarious story tiff, makes me think of some bad comic book headline - "The Outwardly Intimidating But Inwardly Sweet Have A Face-Off"

That's funny, Zack. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Addie, only seeing pictures and hearing you talk about her. My pup has the same effect on new people. Anyone approaching the house sees my Cujo-wannabe drooling and barking so loud the front window shakes. The mail person started leaving dog biscuits. I don't get many solicitors...


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