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Freshly back from visiting the Iowans which now includes Aimee and man, I don't think I've ever wanted to be in a darkened office on a clowdy day less than I do today. Sun, good food, wakeboarding all day - it's enough to make one want to be unemployed again.

Some fun time with the camera - in fact you can see what I look like bald if you're so inclined - but this picture of Scott is by far my favorite:

and the rest.
Sadly no pictures of the spectacular spine altering crash on the last day, but at least there's no pain. Though I did wake up with absolutely no sense of balance for about an hour this morning. I'm sure it's unrelated.


Looks like you had a blast in my home state, makes me miss it alittel...very little...I'll try to coup here in Hawaii.......those are some really great photos!


Yeah, that's my second choice. Best for comedy - certainly - but I like all of the water droplets in this one. More so in the larger version.

I just love the look on everyone's faces - Scott & Justyn concentrating, Jeni always looking down, you generally enjoying yourself, and Ed being, well, Ed.

No glasses or contacts, so the only thing in focus was my feet. And even that was blurry. LASIK here I come.

All of you, go here, now! Mach schnell!!

This comment is Patrick: On the old link from this web site you had a peice of short Fiction that had a man and a woman meeting in a graveyard...i think. They apparently had been seperated for some time but were at this spot due to some knind of morbid aniversary (I think this was the premise, but it was over two years ago that I read it) Do you remember this story? It doesn't appear in the "new" format laid out off the link.

Funny, that one has been gone a while; it's written in a style I don't tend to use anymore. Send me an e-mail at and I'll give you a copy of the story.


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