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I was standing in line at the UPS distribution center today, waiting to pick up a cardboard tube to pack some posters (exciting!), and I started reading the big List-o-Rules that they have posted there. Packages only so big, no acids, corpses, things like that. All standard and nothing really amuzing. I then immediately turn and see two long wooden boxes ready either to ship or to be picked up. They're about 5 feet long and have wooden handles on the end. One of them still has some spraypainted stencil lettering on the side:

Ooo, a word puzzle. Let's see, the initials J.M.S. and Javelin *********stem - yup it's a Javelin Missle System. So no dead bodies, but a shoulder fired missle is just fine to transport. Probably ground shipping only though.

I think this is the first time having a camera phone has come in handy.


Inflatable terrorists must be in the contents of the 2nd box.

Jeez - I see that kind of stuff all the time at my local MailBoxes, Etc. I guess their rules aren't as strict. . .


clearly the most awesomest thing i've seen all day.


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