The Browny Experience - one year later

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...also known as Bumbershoot. I was deeply suspicious of the "all natural energy smoothy" sold off of a tray by a man with large dreadlocks and deeply stoned eyes. I also felt no desire to eat at or even venture near a gyro place. Other than that, no lingering side effects. Though I did manage to hit on a lesbian and completely miss picking up on the signals from the straight girl, but that's just standard moronic behavior on my part, nothing easily attributed to foreign substances.

Resolutions for next year though:
1. Buy a platinum pass. No matter what, it's worth it.
2. Get a camera bag and bring the camera: so many cool shots - especially crazy scarf man conversing with crazy man covered in motor oil.
3. Bring lots of cash - there's always artwork I can't afford but should get anyway.
4. Not mention the fact that I will be carrying lots of cash on my person in a place with many pictures of myself and likely a list of shows I'm going to see.


I think its Brownie and smoothie. But that's just me. And the gyros were damn good... ;) I second the Platinum pass - always worth it, especially if you're a comedy/film junkie. And the cash for posters came in handy - pretend like you're in Vegas, pull out as much as you want to afford, and plan to spend it all, 'cause you will.

Mmmm...gyros... It's sad, for years I have had an all access free pass and no desire to go...probably has to do with associating it with work.

So...I saw a Wu Construction truck today...


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