Big Fish, Little Fish

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Would you rather be a "Big Fish" in a little pond or a "Little Fish" in an ocean? I can never remember what the answer to that is supposed to be. But I'm pretty sure I'm "Little Fish" now, or at least one of the lower residents of Totem Pole city. What is all this inane babbling you ask? Well we launch the new version of on next tuesday and we need 24 hour covereage of test, dev and ops for the following three days. My two shifts? 10pm to 6am on tuesday night and 3am to 7am on thursday morning.

Welcome to suckville - population, me. It wouldn't be so bad except that when I quipped, "I'll have to bring in some games and movies to stay awake" the more experienced dev said "you think you'll have time to play games?". Man I really wish I could tell if he was joking.

Also, just because I feel like sharing it, while rewiring the lighting in my kitchen I found a mummified mouse. Long dead under piles of insulation he was wafer thin and dry. I just wish I could figure out how his head managed to be completely flat - the skull had to go somewhere...


Suck. Did you at least get everything to turn back on?

Yep, found the other outlet in miles' room. Turns out miles can control the electricity for 3/4 of the house. Well I guess all of the house since the circuit breaker is in his room but you know what I mean.

I was hoping that Miles could do that through mind control rather than circuit breakers. That sucks about the shifts. On the plus side: traffic will be a breeze.

You could say he has an electric personality...

Not to be gross, but the skull of a mouse is actually pretty thin. Woo hoo, web dev graveyard shift!

*dutifully smacks Twig across the nose with a rolled up newspaper* Bad Twig! Very bad!

I had a philosophical comment to add here, but I'm trying to rid myself of that nasty habit. So instead I'll refer to a shared anecdote that will fill all our hearts with warm pleasant nostalgia: remember when we lived in Wedgwood and someone/thing left a giant foot-long rat corpse on the back porch? Good times.

Someone had to do it - Matt's obviously slacking...

Aw sick! Hahaha


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