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I used to say that having a window office would be torture. During the summer you'd see the sun and want to be outside and during the winter I'd see the snow and, well, want to be outside. Well I'm here to tell you that even in the fall it's a pain. Since moving to Zune I've been moved from a cubicle to sharing an office with this view:

Really, it's a wonder I get anything done. I watched three hawks cicle the field this morning for about a half hour. I think they've started patrolling in groups now since a while ago I saw one get harried by a whole flock of little birds which I can only assume were starlings - Jeni was right, those little guys are bastards.

I suppose it won't matter in a month or two when we move back to the "open floor plan" of bear creek. I just hope this time they have enough power wired up so that we can have the lights on.


i know how you feel - i've spent most of the 1/2 day i was at my desk searching for bridesmaids dresses for my best friend's wedding. but hey, i downloaded some pictures too so the day wasn't a total loss.

Tell me about it, the wall of windows overlooking lake Union does little to motivate my scientific endeavors. Ahh, to be back in the concrete subterranean lair of the UW lab, where circadian rhythms are dictated by flourescent lights on timers.

Enough power to keep the lights on - I'll make a note of that...

I have been struggling with this issue for the past 6 months :p http://marcinek.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!268504A5404D25DF!785.entry

At least your window(s) look outside. Mine looks onto the factory floor.

I just go play outside with dogs and watch chipmunks go by. Oh yeah, we get hawks as well.


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