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This one is likely to be more relatable for the guys than the gals, but we'll see. The bathrooms at work are laid out such that you open the door, walk down a little 5 foot hallway and then round the end (180 degree turn) to get to the urinals. Naturally this leads to a lot of go to the bathroom, turn the corner, almost run into the back of a guy. Obviously this is not the wisest of layouts but you get used to the concept and learn to round the corner a little more slowly depending on need. Anyway. I round the corner and there's a guy using the urinal so I turn away and move down the line. Now normally the brain takes in just enough information to tell the legs to not proceed forward and as little else as possible, but this time more manages to make it into my consious. I realize that both of this guy's arms are down at his side while he's using the urinal (auditory clues indicate he is actively using it). Now maybe I'm in a miniority and don't know it, but usually this sort of activity has at least one of my hands occupied. So now I've got this mental picture of a guy just letting it sail, pissing wherever the laws of hydrodynamics decide to send it. Maybe he's got really good aim, or maybe no one ever taught him, or maybe he's just pissed at the janitor.


What? You've never pissed Superman style? Hands clenched into fists stuck into your sides just above the hipbone. I thought everyone did that.

Someone at work does that, too - kind of creeps me out. I tend to need a hand...

The mechanics of this intrigue me. How does he "shake"?


i'm with tiff on this - was the entire operation hands-free? was he motionless - ahem - "during"?

I'll be honest in that I didn't really stay around to watch. he was motionless during the entire few seconds I did see though. Extrapolate as you will. And now we all know something new about Justyn :)

Hi All- Trying to get in touch with Pat about a story...I sent him an email but never heard back.

BTW, I have done a variation of the above: Instead of one had steering and one hand above on the wall (traditional form I assume) I have had both hands on the wall. Again a variation of the superman method. Perhaps Superman in flight

Does this mean can't come here anymore :p

nope, just figured you might want to read his new stuff :)

You're right. And I love this site. he needs one of these on his sight to communicate. There is no way to post on his site. I have tried to send email with no luck.


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