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Long ago, lost in the fog of history, there was talk of a day when we would no longer be working feverishly to launch our funny little music player (and corresponding website) and we would enter a period of immense bliss known as "down time" - that day has arrived. I had my one on one meeting with my new boss yesterday and we were supposed to talk about what new feature I'd be responsible for or how I'd fit in in a more permanent basis on the new team and he told me that conversation would wait until january - maybe february. Until then my commitments were to ski a lot. And never get stuck in traffic. Talking to some other folks, for the next few months apparently 10-4 would be considered a pretty long day.

So needless to say, I'm a pretty happy man. It's either the news or the lingering paint fumes from the kitchen. I'm going to go ahead and say it's the news.


That sounds like a great being in school again when Thanksgiving to Christmas was one big break. BTW, what's the funny little music player called?

Wait a minute...Washington...Microsoft's new Zune work for MS?

Yup. It's hard not to be in software and live in washington and NOT work for microsoft :)

You work for my Company's #1 enemy. Hint: LJE By the way...I started a web site today and I have no idea what I am doing. I would love some advice. I used powweb for an all-in-one package seeing as though I have no idea how to program, it's website creation tool came in handy. What are your thoughts about using a provider like this?

Good work (or lack thereof)... Ahh, the great MS vortex.


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