Egypt bound

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I take off in a little over 6 hours for cairo - a fun little 18 hour jaunt in my favored method of transportation and I'll get to see one of the original 7 wonders of the world (yeah that's right "new wonders", I'm looking at you). I'm looking over my documentation and I keep thinking I'm going to be so screwed when it comes to haggling. They'll invite you in for tea and then the screaming starts - all with numbers I can't read. I'm actually sort of looking forward to it.

There are supposed to be an abundance of internet cafes, and what with the recent conversion to all digital I'm hoping to be able to post some fun shots. Of course finding an internet cafe with a keyboard that isn't covered in hieroglyphics may be the harder challenge, we'll see.


remember, 100ml or less (3.4 oz) of liquids or gels. i'm going to try and sneak by with 4 oz containers...

Stupid TSA rules. Want to bring 6 oz of liquid or gel with you? Put it in your pants pocket. It won't beep in the metal detector and no one will notice unless you're getting a strip search. At that point, you're pretty much screwed anyways. . . With rules this easy to bypass, what's the point in having them at all?

god bless america


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