Final closeout

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I've uploaded the remainder of my favorite shots from the trip - this one being my favorite:

all national geographic-y

Link again to the whole set:

Best bit about coming home - coming home to no power from massive wind storms. I notice some "hotels closed due to power outage" postings. Riding in the shuttle to my car the driver and the front passenger are discussing losing power. I turn to the guy to my left and say...
Me: What's with all of the power loss?
Him: (duh) from the storms.
Me: storms?
Him: You know, worst storms in 50 years... where have you been, Africa?
Me: Yes.
Him: Oh...



That's classic (the conversation with the guy in the shuttle)

Awesome. "Oh..."

I still like the duffman conversation better...but only marginally.

I'd forgotten about the duffman conversation :) "oh, he's that guy"


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