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I've seen this ad on the back of a bus a number of times over the last few weeks that seems to offend or confound me on every possible level. It's for some show on KIRO from noon to one, it features the name of the show (we'll get to that in a second) in cutout letters on an otherwise black backing that reveal (presumably) the show's host behind it. But the giant head is placed such that it's impossible to recognize who it is (the cut outs obscure one of his eyes, things like that). And the white that should be the backdrop is some kind of dirty white that makes it just look like the bus needs washing. But on to the name.

Kiro "Regan's Hear" noon - 1

I can interpret that name in only three possible ways, all of which suck.

  1. Regans hear - that is when there many a Regan around, the collective of Regans (plural) are capable of hearing. First there's the typo (hypocritical I know), no to mention the fact that it makes no sense.
  2. Regan's here - contraction of "Regan is here". Hooray! it's Regan! Who the hell is regan? I suppose I could figure it out if I could see is FACE! Again with the typo.
  3. Regan's hear - Regan has some item or concept known as "hear". Regan possesses the ability to hear?
I am confounded and obviously spend way too much time thinking about this ad.


I vote option number 2. It sounds like one of those phrase puzzles that looks odd when written down, but makes sense when you pronounce it. For example: MR DUCKS MR NOT DUCKS MR DUCKS CM WINGS LIB MR DUCKS

I was trying to find a solution that didn't have a giant ad campaign involve a typo :) What the hell about the ducks?

Sound it out. It'll make sense

Matt... *groan* I assume from the clever play on words that Regan's "hear" to hear what you have to say. So call him and ask if he hides his identity because he's ashamed to be on a dirty bus.

Then again, maybe they left it typo'd on purpose... I mean, not only are 4 people talking about it...but it's on a popular blog now too! ;o)

mike and i had books when we were little (i think i still do - i assume mike does too because he is obviously allergic to getting rid of anything) called CDB! 'CDB - DBZ A B-Z B!' 'I M A U-M B-N. U R N N-M-L' et cetera. google turned up no hits for a bus ad, but apparently the dude's name is reagan. either way, it still doesn't make sense.

I think you've got a winner there moni. I think I also despise that ad more now because of it.

I do have CDB! still, it's on my bookshelf. I still don't get Matt's post though...

I think I wanna read CDB. Can I use a speak 'n' spell for it? Because the narrator in my head insists on a brooklyn accent, much like it requires Matt's riddle to be in hillbilly, and I'm not sure I can take that for more than a few sentences. Yes, the voices in my head have accents, it's why I laugh for no apparent reason sometimes. Now leave me B.

eM aRr DUCKS eM aRr NOT DUCKS eM aRr DUCKS Cee eM WINGS? eL I Be eM aRr DUCKS I've phoneticized it to show the solution. I also found a variant to the third line MR DUCKS, CM ED BD IS?

Ahh, tricky with the mix of sound it out and actual words...

10-Q, Matt.

No problem, Patrick

A BCD gofish? S ICD gofish.

This is way late, because I haven't been reading since I've been in Korea, but now I'm catching up. Zack, there are more possibilities than the three you presented. One is that Regans is not plural or possessive, that the name is actually Regans (like "Collins" or "Billings"). Note, this also causes MORE interpretation problems, as it makes the verb break grammar rules (it would be like "Joe Hear") unless said title is written in the imperative, like an order (i.e. someone is telling Regans to hear). Another possibility is that "Hear" is actually an activity. Verbs are used as nouns in this way not infrequently. (e.g. "Are you going to the spaghetti feed?" or "Did you like the clam bake?") In this case, it would have to be an activity where either a bunch of Regans showed up to listen to something (usually called a CONCERT/LECTURE, not a HEAR) or the Hear was sponsored by Regans or occurred at a place called Regans. There are other possibilities as well, but I realized I just wasted 5 minutes of my life on the above two paragraphs, and am now opting out of wasting more.


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