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As should be expected, the grand plans of pimping an actual radio flyer never came to be. Nor did making a miniature one, though I do have a shiny red altoid tin and a number of tiny wheels, none of which are attached in any way of course. So instead, it's the cop out "pimp my radio flyer" - the newly available model from the radio flyer website:

It was sort of fun to look through all of the images that came up on google for "radio flyer" and "red wagon" - while I wouldn't call what some people have done to their wagons "Pimping", it certainly is an impressive waste of time and resources. I'm talking fully independent drive systems for all four wheels (which are now easily off road capable). Nerds and Money are a dangerous combination.


"Nerds and Money are a dangerous combination." That should go on your rotating quote line at the top.


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