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While it meant missing out on St. Patrick's day here with folks, Chicago was well worth the craptacular flight back (never has a four and a half hour long flight felt so long).

The only thing noteworthy from the first day was the Tapas bar we ate at with the screen that lied to us constantly (you are not currently seating ernesto, you haven't been seating him for the last 20 minutes) but did occasionally play music videos in spanish featuring very heavy set matadors with, as scott put it, "the flava-flav of sun glasses" (they were comically large). The food was all right.

Saturday rocked on many fronts. I won front row center tickets to see Wicked, which I'm sure used some of my built up allotment of karma, a stroll through the teaming masses of crappy green merchandise to find that Fado (who knew it was a franchise?) had a huge cover and an even bigger line starting at 8:00am to get in. So instead it we head straight to dinner at "Kevin" (you know a place is good when it's named after the chef) where I ate my fill of exotic and/or endangered animals. I got a fancy desert and the head waiter was chagrined when I asked for lemonade and they carried non so he went and made some by hand. Best. Lemonade. Ever.

And of course there was the concert with the booing to show support, where the Whiskey side TOTALLY beat out the Light side no matter what everyone else thought, and learning that Jimmy Buffet is, in fact, a bastard. My "twitchy raver-boy energy" attracted the standard fare of girls way too young for me:
Her: So what do you do?
Me: I work at a game company, at Xbox, how about you?
Her: That's so cool? I'm just about done with my junior year of my BA. Well at least this one was over 21.

The ride the the airport on the metro the next morning was interesting. Get on, hmm, 15 stops to go. At about 13 stops to go the guy who'd been asleep screams loudly in pain, doubles over, and relieves himself in several fashions. It was a long 13 stops to the airport.

My apologies to matt for the inevitable typos and homonyms in this ;)


Obligitory Simpsons quote: "Ach zee goggles! Zhey do nozhink!"

30/2 + 7 = 22. Just for reference.

Happy Belated B-day. Wish I could have made it to Chicago. Newsbreak/Tv ad now playing: "Eragon - DVD in stores tomorrow". This movie still makes me shiver. Perhaps we should make a drinking game out of it :)

on a slightly unrelated drinking game tangent, here's a drinking game i heard of recently: watch any presidential address. half the group drinks when dubya says "America" the other half drinks when he says "Iraq"


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