Things around northgate after midnight

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Down by the dog park, a chorus of millions of frogs in the pea patch. I've never seen or heard frogs there before, they must fear the dogs. A few cars parked outside the fence, which makes sense in retrospect with the easy access to running water and sani-cans. A woman in one of the cars has a horrible cough.

In the aisles at QFC the very old and the very young are buying beer, those in the middle are buying diapers (I am there for strawberry lemonade). The cashier has a shaved head, many piercings and ink on his arms and head that he occasionally tries to hide, spicy BO. I wonder if they picked him for this shift because only the suicidal would try and rob him.

Even with the city light, after about an hour out in the dark you can see quite a lot of stars. It's frustrating that my camera can't capture what my eyes see (damn brain post-processing!).


Leave your shutter open for 30sec. You get good star pics even in the city. Question is, why were you at Magnusson after midnight? I heart frogs.

Hey, I know that clerk.

'Strawberry Lemonade' If I didn't know you, I'd wonder what that was a euphamism for...


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