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It's "the big three-oh" for me today.. er yesterday.. and I got to celebrate in nearly every style I know how to. A good guy at work got me a cake (woot) and I chilled with some people I'd never met before and watched some of the NCAA tournament. I tried to pretend like I knew what the heck was going on, I think they bought it. That was fun.

Evening brought scrabble with scrabble friends where I lost horribly in both games but had a pretty good time doing it, as an aside, six letter words just aren't worth it. "Ovation", 12 points, woohoo. Scrabble lead to pool at the garage and a different set of friends (a few overlaps) where again I lost pretty miserably against the good people and fared okay against the equally crappy folks (yes mike, that would be you :) ). Pool lead to dancing at a club with yet a third group of friends. Still no overlap. The club was freaking awesome though because I've apparently been talked about quite frequently as I'd be introduced to someone without giving my name and they'd say "Oh, you're Birkenbuel!" which is both cool and frightening at the same time. Disconcerting would be the appropriate word I guess. Still, the reaction was generally positive so I'm going to guess I have a good reputation that somehow proceeds me. Anyway, I'm all sweaty and mostly deaf now and that's pretty much all I could hope for for a big birthday night.

Now I get to crash, wake up, frantically pack because I wasn't bright enough to have taken care of that already and then head out to the airport to head to chicago.

Viva la birthday weekend!


Glad you had a great time. Sorry I couldn't be there for the playing of pool.

Sorry I missed it altogether... :( Everyone at Neighbor's knew your name? That's funny. Just like the limerick I wrote about you in the Neighbor's bathroom a few years ago. You're welcome. Have fun in Chicago, take many pictures of the green pride parade.

hey thanks for the 730 am text.

That's what I'm here for betty

I think I still kicked your ass at pool... happy birthday, old man!


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