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I just participated in a small expedition roaming around our hallways hiding Bacon scented air fresheners in various peoples' office air vents. I just figured you all should know what it is I do for a living.


Freaking. Awesome.

Are you just jamming the air scentifiers into the vents, or are you taking the time to remove the covers and hanging them inside by the string (using tape or some such)? I imagine that the baconification of the air would last longer doing it this way. Just curious.

You work at my high school? Seriously, I expect more innovative pranks. Like putting real bacon inside CPUs so that when the little fan thingy come on, it wafts bacon smell out of the case.

I think the most interesting part is that Bacon Smelling air-fresheners exist.

Cruel, yet funny. Though I must agree with Matt & Moni - I expect much higher-caliber pranks.

I just appreciate the pranktitude.

Thank you tiff, I never expected to be judged so harshly for my work frivolity. The rest of you should be expecting various household appliances to be stuffed with rancid poi.

You are aware of course that there's currently a taro shortage going on? Due to this shortage, the poiing(?) of said household appliances may be more difficult than usual. Additionally, there have been scientific strides made in poi production that is resulting in poi that stays fresh a lot longer than before, thus delaying the onset of the whole rancid portion of your plan. Perhaps you could use some other type of goo based food?

I don't like where this discussion is going, given that free access to my household appliances is given every week... Just remember that garlic can also be strategically stuffed into certain people's foods... ;p

You need to follow this one up with some of those Harry Potter jellybeans that taste like bizarre things (bacon is one flavor. It's very disturbing. I actually like the pepper flavored one). You can buy them at


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