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We are cross-breeding.

While playing catch with patrick in the street outside his house a young east indian boy approaches and asks if he can play too. Scrawny, all limbs, with massively thick coke bottle glasses he appears to me to be a proto-nerd. Nerd-dom not yet fully attained, he will be a fine brother once he discovers science fiction or D&D or whatever. Patrick tosses him the ball which he deftly catches and chucks back with more of an arm than one would expect. He also joins patrick to play basketball whenever he's outside, the boy's got game for his age.

Clearly the Jock/Nerd hybrid eugenics program is farther along than I initially suspected. World domination cannot be far behind.


proto-nerds unite!

My apologies. I was not aware that he had escaped the lab. We will be sending around a car shortly.

With the nice men in white jackets?

Mean women. Black coats.

Let it be known that I have let Proto-Nerd beat me at basketball. Twice! I am a better person than I was when I kicked that eight year-old's ass at chess a couple months ago.

Hmmm....our inoculations are working much more rapidly than our projections lead us to believe... *scribbles furiously on notepad*

Come now patrick, you didn't so much kick the eight year-old's ass as you crushed his very soul, sapping him of the will to play chess ever again. Credit where credit is due.

Jamie Lee Curtis is a man, baby!


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