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I'm standing in the aisle at Trader Joe's and there's this little kid having a grand old time. He's whirling around as fast as his little center of gravity will take him (I've seen this before) little fists balled and sort of pinballing between the different frozen foods. I get a little chuckle until he takes an errant bounce off of the pizzas and WHAM, little five year old hay-maker fist to the nuts.



Can't decide between laughter and sympathy. So very, very torn. it appropriate to feel both?

i'm feeling laughter too. lesson: stay the fuck away from children.

I second Tiff... but the laughter is winning out ;)

It's all fun and games until someone gets punched in the nards.


Wolfman has nards?!?!

Matt, Justyn, you two just earned yourselves some nerd points.

Thank you Moni, I shall put them in the trophy case with the rest of them. Justyn, thanks for participating in the bit. I was wondering if Bill would drop by to rejoinder, but you picked it up admirably.

Because what those two really need are more nerd points...

Don't you know? They can be redeemed for valuable cash and prizes. More points are always in order.

I think I can guess what stores the points can be redeemed at. That being said, I have roughly caculated that your current points are enough to get you a life-size replica of a BTF Delorean complete with Mr. Fusion.

+50 nerd points to you Tiff. That was awesome

It looks like a shaved (or diseased?) bamboo rat to me...

Did you have a word with the parents about their failure to leash (well, at least supervise) their children?

Re the creature: I say baby woodchuck. Or the offspring of some other rodent that bears precocial young


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