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I can finally read the internet again! Having had book 6 of the harry potter series slightly tainted for me by jackasses on fark I'd decided to avoid anything where users post comments ever since the book was leaked online. Anyway, 24 hours and 750 pages later I decide to take a peak (don't worry, no spoilers). There's the usual praise and bitching that happens about everything, that was to be expected, but one guy had the most insightful comment I've ever read about the series: How come the great wizarding duels never involve any real imagination? You'd think one guy would have though to shout "Accio testicles" by now.

I almost fell off my ball when I read that - freaking brilliant, get that guy a wand.

I sit on a giant rubber ball when using my computer, I should probably clarify that lest the previous sentence make me look like a nutter. More like a nutter.


ooh can i borrow it? i'm too cheap to buy it but i read really fast and can have it back to you in a jiff.

I thought it was a fitting end to the series, personally.

I was going to ask if that was a euphamism for something, until I recalled that you actually sit on a big rubber ball...

I thought, personally, that adults who read books written for 8-year-olds are RETARDED ADULTS! Ooooh! Wizards Die on page 11,287!!!! What a 7 year let-DOWN of my lyfe! Grow up and read a REAL book Mr. Mystical! A MAN'S BOOK!!! One that ENDS in a MAN'S WAY! YEAH!!! I'm talkin' BOUT "I Spit On Your Graves" by Boris Vian. No 12-year-old NAMBLA WIZARD BOY fantasies' THERE DIM-BUDDY!!! You should just hang it up and stop reading. Books don't need you anymore.


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