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We have to take "Standards of Business Conduct" training - and I use the word training loosely here - about once a year. It consists of watching really horribly acted little skits and then answering whether we think it was a good or a bad thing (hint, the answer is always "you will be fired"). Thanks to this round of training I now know that I shouldn't
  • Display hard core porn during a presentation to a customer - specifically kiddy porn. It is generally frowned upon to have porn on any company computer.
  • Funnel money to a shell company under my name or a name of a relative.
  • Use the company credit card to fund a night of wild debauchery.
Thank goodness for training or I'd never have known how to act in these ethically gray areas. Though I am still a little unclear on the whole "baby eating" subject, hopefully that will be addressed next year.


Wow, can't wait to hear the outcome of sexual harassment 'training'...

no staring at tits in meetings. also, crotch-grabbing is not an acceptable substitute for shaking hands.

So wait, is softcore OK then? Software, softcore, I get confused so easily.

We all know crotch-grabbing is not acceptable - what about the football-style chest bump?

Please define "wild debauchery" the Oracle Amex has bore the brunt of many festivities that could falkl into that category


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