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Went to the opera last night - The Flying Dutchman. As a quick aside, the german language was really never meant to be sung poetically. It was also REALLY never meant to be sung in a dueling banjo kind of way where the tenor and the soprano are singing about two completely different and non harmonizing things. It really is like listening to someone shouting very angrily through an old walkie-talkie while underwater - right twig? But moving on.

This is seattle, we're known for not really dressing up for anything, but this was the opera, surely we must put forth some effort, right? I'm dressed to the 10's (that's right, one better than the nines) and A's rockin' the pale blue vietnamese dress. We were the best dressed ones there by far, and that's including the folks who blew a couple hundred to be really close to the angry german sailors. But the low end of the scale, oh man. There were many a sample to choose from but I believe our shining example is going to be: Top Hat man.

I know, top hat, got to be cool, right? Well not if he's also wearing ripped up jeans and some sort of hideous mr. rogers/bill cosby sweater monstrosity. And especially not if the top hat is a floppy felt kind. Tack on that it's sort of patchwork black and white with a giant Yin Yang symbol on the top. Bonus points for the fact that the Yin Yang the dots were little bats bats. Stained bats. A crushed velvet bat bedecked asian themed stained top hat sitting atop a man who mugged america's favorite sit-com dad or neighbor.

But hey, the girl snacking on almonds brought in a little jar (so as not to disturb people by opening crinkly packaging) next to me was pretty cute and I've got a whole host of funny new names for characters thanks to the donor list so not a bad evening really.


Oh, and I wanted to see that, too - I think you just ruined it for me... But at least I think you have an idea for a Halloween costume... ;)

awesome. fun seeing you last night - though i'm intrigued about being "the abby". like: This is THE ABBY who still hasn't given back my cooler! ? or, preferably: This is THE ABBY who is so awesome i wish she was MY sister! ? or maybe you were just randomly talking smack about me? inquiring minds want to know.

1.) No one talks smack about The Abby; for she is The Abby. 2.) Did you see anyone with a giant foam hand that said "our tenor is #1"? That would be awesome. Or maybe a wine hat for easy refreshment? Did anyone do the wave when characters either died or fell in love? I hear that in German opera those two things usually happen simultaniously.

I love you, Tiff. And for those of you looking for random presents for me, the opera-appropriate wine hat for easy refreshment is the clear winner. ;)

I knew I should have patented that.


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